“javascript” Posts

Error Handling in NodeJS

How to handle errors in NodeJS.

Constructors should not have side effects

A mild discourse into the common anti-pattern of creating a constructor that has side effects.

A Convenient Way to Write a jQuery Plugin

An easy and reusable format for writing jQuery plugins.

Writing to the Syslog with Winston

A quick and easy way to write to the syslog using NodeJS and Winston.

Eventline: Beautify Your Life

A visualization of your life. You know it's awesome because it uses jQuery!

Refactoring a switch statement

In which I chronicle the many ways to refactor a switch statement. And by many I mean two

Jarvis: Another JavaScript Unit Testing Framework

NIH (not invented here) is a syndrome from which I suffer. Luckily, I'm pretty good about not suffering from it when somebody else is paying me to do something in a timely manner. But if I'm working on my own personal project, you can bet I will be inventing a universe before releasing something.

Simple classical inheritance in JavaScript
Introducing Sunlight
Adding Two Numbers Is Not a Helpful Example
Get Computed Style in JavaScript
Intro to Functional Programming via JavaScript
Fluent DOM Manipulation in JavaScript