I read this article, about a guy who made a Reddit clone in 10 minutes in Clojure. He was inspired by this guy, who made a Reddit clone in Lisp in 20 minutes and a hundred lines.

I'm so sick of Lisp hackers. Functional programming is pretty awesome, but every single Lisp/Erlang/Haskell/Clojure/Emacs guy thinks Lisp is the greatest thing since list processing (what?).

So I implemented Reddit in (properly formatted) PHP in 97 lines. Granted it took a bit longer, but I had to remember how to use the low-level mysql_* functions. Oh, and I used MySQL. I don't know what the Lisp people used for data persistence. Some of the lines were taken up by CSS and JavaScript, and making things look nice(r).

Reddit in 61

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I hate Lisp people.